Real Estate Broker’s Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the HIT program?

  • HIT’s comprehensive marketing and asset preservation service will help you sell your vacant listings faster and at a better price resulting in faster commissions and bigger checks.
  • HIT will eliminate those dreaded chores of checking on the property and the need to clean up the house before your showing or open house. Our Caretakers are under contract to provide you with a well maintained property seven days a week. Their cheerful accommodation, careful placement of furnishings and daily upkeep of the property will ensure great showings.
  • Faster sales means your listings will be sold before they expire.
  • Nearly 75% of the TOP PRODUCERS use HIT to help them sell their vacant listings.
  • Great benefit – no cost to you! Huge return on your investment.
  • The need to manage the details of the property are removed from your plate giving you better showings and more time to focus on selling the property.
  • HIT provides coordination with our Caretaker for your repairs or inspections. You won’t have to meet them if you don’t want to.
  • As a Broker using the HIT service, you and your HIT listings will be featured on our website Home Page.

Why should I refer Homes In Transition to my sellers?

  • Safety for you and your client’s should be your top priority! Showing a house that is vacant can be dangerous since you never know if you might confront an unwelcome guest.
  • A HIT Caretaker occupied house can provide you and your Seller the best condition and appearance of the property.
  • A HIT Caretaker occupied house provides peace of mind.
  • Equipping your marketing toolbox to include the HIT program can provide a no cost way for you to provide an added benefit that will give you a competitive edge and dramatically increase your listing presentation success.
  • HIT can often make recommendations to your seller that will greatly benefit the marketing of the house
  • Because of HITs proven success at delivering properties in time for closing and doing what they promise, you can refer the HIT program with confidence.
  • It’s best not to wait till your listing is about to expire to refer the HIT program, but better late, than never.
  • Marketing materials, pictures and videos are important and costly. Using the HIT program will complement your marketing efforts and guarantee the longevity of your listing and maximize your efforts.
  • HIT charges the Property Owner a small fee that starts at $1500.00 an DIMINISHES to zero after 90 days of our Caretaker’s occupancy. If the house doesn’t sell in first 90 days of our Caretaker’s occupancy, HIT’s service is entirely FREE to the Property Owner until the property sells. We’re motivated to help you sell your listing fast because it promotes your referral of more vacant houses!

How do I convince my sellers to consider Homes In Transition?

  • Does your seller have adequate enforceable insurance? HIT Caretaker occupied can make the difference.
  • Does your seller want relief from paying the utilities and other holding costs for their property? HIT pays these costs for the seller.
  • Is your seller paying for a staging service that could be provided through the HIT program? HIT Caretakers use their own furniture and our staging experience to get the most marketability for the least possible cost.
  • Is your seller concerned about preserving the value of the property and the neighborhood? HIT’s regular maintenance and property oversight guarantees the same condition of the property will be preserved.
  • Is your seller about ready to drop the price or add and expensive addition like new carpet or paint? Often a Caretaker can increase traffic and eliminate the attention these areas of need can create in a vacant house. Using the HIT program is a great alternative.
  • Has your seller’s property experienced vandalism, or worse? With a Caretaker in residence the risks of a vacant house are nearly eliminated!
  • Is your seller’s situation getting desperate and closer to foreclosure? The HIT program can mean the difference between taking a hit and financial ruin.
  • Does your sellers house compete it the market with other homeowner occupied houses that sell for higher prices, faster? HIT can transform that COLD vacant listing into a highly competitive SOLD property.
  • HIT’s exclusive Diminishing Fee, if it becomes applicable, is collected AFTER closing, eliminating any up front costs for your seller.

How does the Diminishing Fee work?

The cost for HIT’s nationally recognized service is based on a “Diminishing Fee” which starts at $1500.00. Each 30 day period our Caretaker works to help sell the property, the fee diminishes by $500 and will diminish to zero (NO COST) after 90 days of occupancy. The best part, any applicable Diminishing Fee is paid prior to closing, with no up front cost!

After 90 days of Caretaker occupancy, There is NO COST and we continue providing YOU and and the Property Owner with all the same great service till the house sells! Great marketing advantage, little or no cost, guaranteed performance – That’s the HIT solution.

What happens when my Listing goes under contract?

The first thing is to Contact your Consultant or the HIT office by email to let us know you have an accepted offer on the house. VERY IMPORTANT – Be sure to pen in a closing date allowing at least 30 days notice for the Caretaker to be relocated!! We will contact the seller and obtain an official written notice to terminate the Agreement.

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